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Trying to expand with a Mobile mixology lab

Why are we asking for funding?

https://m.facebook.com/ArcticAlchemy7/ Hiya all I'm Drew. I have been a mastercraft mixologist for 16 years. I've been flown all over the USA to create amazing drinks for people, businesses, parties, weddings and more!! I was the mastercraft mixologist for Wolfgang Puck at the 4 seasons in Maui Hawaii, I've created and served drinks for many famous movie stars, magicians, football players and more.  I specialize in craft mixology, molecular mixology, Spherification, gastronomy, and basic cocktails. There is not a drink out there I have not mastered. I can create any drink based off theme, logo or mood. message me anytime to come and createing amazing cocktails for any event you need Currently trying to fund myself a mobile mixology lab https://m.facebook.com/ArcticAlchemy7/

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