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Why are we asking for funding?

Hi Freeman's!

I'm Patryk - full time joiner, husband, father and proud member of Epic-Cash community! Last year I spend literally my all free time developing epic-ticker.tech - dashboard with all needed statistics about EPIC. Pricing, volumes, historical charts and more.

Recently I started my new project - EpicWallet.Py - multi-platform graphical interface wallet, with many cool features to improve user experience, such as: connecting to local or public nodes, built-in console for advanced users, recovering from seed phrase, estimating value of balance in FIAT currencies and much more. With time I'm planning also add tools to manage your local node like auto chain_data backup, easy *.toml files edit etc. 

Why do I need funding at all? In my circumstances time is the key, all I can offer for now is couple of hours a week, which means all of this will take a lot of time. Each donation will speed it up, as I'll be able to spend extra time working on software instead of doing my full time job.

For more visit: https://epic-ticker.tech/blacktyger


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