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I do in-depth reviews & write essays about decentralized technologies.

Why are we asking for funding?

I'd like to continue writing essays & reviews and eventually do videos on how vitally important decentralized technology is, that to have it otherwise would be an existential threat to our species. No joke -- I believe that if our computing systems remain centralized, the human race would eventually lose its individuality under transhumanism.

I consider myself a transhumanist myself, but I'm keen to spread word on a new breed of transhumanists: decentralized transhumanists. Those who want to achieve the immortalities and processing power of the regular transhumanists, but prefer to have sovereign control over their own digital minds.


From http://decentri.city:

“Centralized power absolutely corrupts the center.”


When you study the complete computing technology oeuvre of Mankind, you see a strange trend appear. For at least the last 100 years, the tech has swung in either of two directions: Towards centralization, and towards decentralization. I call this “The Recentralization Cycle”.

--- You are reading this in a world dominated by central powers. You might be reading this on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or might have found this article on Google Sites. Or you might not have found this article at all, if one of those major companies have decided that my ideas are wrongthink. The Hunter Biden laptop and Trump’s tax returns, to choose two recent examples, were leaked data of similar levels of substantiation. Yet one was immediately censored by Facebook, Twitter, and (arguably) Google, while the other one was allowed to spread far and wide on their trending topics.

I’m not going to mention which one got censored since the aim of this essay is not to be political, but why are we allowing unelected tech company execs to decide what you may and may not see?


I think there needs to be widespread implementation of decentralized technologies throughout the computing world, in order for humanity to maintain its liberty.

If the transhumanist future is inevitable, we need to make sure that the underlying infrastructure beneath our neocortices, as well as the data that defines our thought patterns, are controlled by our own individual private keys. Not through a username-password pair embedded in a server owned by a future Google.


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