Support the Police to Say NO! to Politicians and Lockdowns

Why are we asking for funding?


American cities and towns have been on-fire.  We have seen rioting, looting and police officers shot in their cars. 

Black Lives Matter is encouraging cities and towns to defund the police.  We share BLM's frustration with police abuses and are excited to let them know that there is a much better solution. 

What if there was one single change to policing that would bring peace to the streets, save the taxpayers billions, end the Covid lock downs, break the backs of drug cartels and pimps, eliminate 60,000+ SWAT team raids a year, keep hundred-of-thousands of peaceful people out of for-profit prisons and restore respect for the police?

That change is ending enforcement of victimless crimes. Victimless crimes are not really crimes.  They are where politicians  and bureaucrats use the police in an attempt to legislate morality or raise revenue on the population.

When police are busting thieves, murderers and rapists then everyone loves the police.  It is the enforcement of victimless crimes and raising revenue on the population that is causing racial and societal division.  End those policies and the violence stops and people will once again respect the police.

Myself and others decided to do something about it.. We are helping sheriffs, police chiefs, deputies, and police officers to say: NO! to the politicians who would have them use violence and fines (extortion) on peaceful people. 

We are helping them organize collectively and draw a THICK RED LINE in the sand.  If they are united as a department and supported by the community there is no way the politicians can make them do anything. 

We are asking our friends, colleagues, elected representatives, and everyone who wants to see the violence in the streets end to help... Not just by contributing financially but by supporting your local sheriff's office or police department to stand up to the politicians. 

We are trying to raise $10,000 to get the project off the ground.  The money will allow us to print hard copies of a Handbook we created to help sheriffs, police chiefs, deputies and officers organize their agencies.  We want to mail copies to elected officials, journalists and citizen activists in cities that are being pressed to defund their departments so they know there is a better way that ends the violence, saves the tax payers money, breaks the backs of drug cartels and pimps, restores respect for the police and focuses them on real crimes with real victims. 

Together,  we can stop the violence, end the lock downs, keep hundreds of thousand of peaceful people out of for-profit prisons, save the tax payers billions, break the backs of drug dealers and pimps, end 60,000+ SWAT team raids a year, and restore respect for the police and get them focused on REAL crimes with REAL victims!  No Victim, No Crime = Peace & Equal Rights for All!        http://www.ThickRedLine.org

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