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Donations will be towards Manitoba 2022 food forest, garden, and related.

Why are we asking for funding?

Adoption of Epic Cash will be pushed forward by point of sale transactions.  This is my personal long term goal.  No time to start like the present!

I plan to offer local people fair market Epic Cash for products and services that they can provide me to help my garden out.  I'll obviously need to use cash still, but I'll be pushing Epic Cash as much as I can.

I expect a lot of "What is Epic Cash?"  *WIN*

I expect a lot of "I don't have any!"  *WIN* (Set them up with good mining info, or at very least a wallet, and a small donation, and they can give it back to me at end of season at a higher marker price!)

At the end of my growing season, I will sell any excess produce for Epic Cash. At a loss I'm sure, but anything to grow the network!!!

I don't expect much action this year as my garden is still very young, but it will get better every year, and so will my client base!

My family's ultimate goal is to move outside of the city and get some real land and be very productive.  Maybe I'll take some profits from my tiny mining operation to make that happen as the project takes off!

My avatar is a man named Louis Riel.  He led two resistance movements against the Government of Canada.  He was hanged for the crime of treason.

His life had many ripples.  Largely benefiting the indigenous, and the French Canadian people.


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