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Why are we asking for funding?

On this channel self-created videos about historical sounds are being posted just because I like to make them and entertain/educate the people interested in them.

As the name of the channel might suggest, it's all about sounds of historical items and currently mostly compilations of world leaders. Ever wondered how the British Prime Ministers did their speeches in the early 1900's? Or how the Canadians started out sounding British and just within 120 years developed their own way of talking?

My most viewed video is a chronological list of British Prime Ministers voices (1880-2019), and I've just finished one for the Presidents of the United States (1885-2021). All with sound, footage and speeches typical to each leader. For the Dutch among us, there's even one for them! :)

Check it out: Sounds Of History Youtube Channel

Besides casually making videos (which takes a lot of time, believe me), I'm an active community member and admin for Epic Cash. Feel free to get in touch (@JesseTheHound on Telegram)! :) 
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