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To Help Spread Epic Cash Through Our Platform at AgoristNexus.Com

Why are we asking for funding?

At Agorist Nexus, our mission for over two years has been to spread agorism and connect the counter-economy. We see the dangers of centralization on the horizon. We see government as an extortion agency that hates competition that will do anything to destroy individual privacy, progressively taking more and more power from the common person in the process.

We've penned many articles on not only how much corruption centralization produces but practical, ethical ways to get around it. We advocate a decentralized approach to social change, and one of the things we believe is that the currency people use is one of the key things tying them to a brutal control machine. As a result, we advocate cryptocurrency use, in addition to a strong personal ethic of decentralization, paired with personal empowerment.

In that spirit, when I saw your project Epic Cash, it sounded right in line with what we talk about and what our mission is. It seems like a very easy, secure, and empowering way to take back privacy that has been stolen from us, and with it the freedom to act accordingly.

I want to tell people about Epic Cash, and encourage them to use it along with an explanation about the way your privacy blockchain works, in order to anonymize their transactions, and live more freely.


We will start by giving 5 dollars of Epic Cash to the next 10 merchants who list on our site. We will onboard them to Epic in the process. 

And that freedom is why we're approaching you today - it's a freedom which our audience and staff would benefit from, and we wanted to offer an arrangement we believe would be mutually beneficial. One year sponsorship which is about 700 USD in exchange for our services promoting Epic Cash.

We have a diverse array of alternative thinkers in our audience and excellent content creators [https://www.agoristnexus.com/authors/ here]. Combine this with a database of Liberty-oriented businesses, services, and content producers and we have a significant platform to discuss technology like yours. We have that and so much more, but we'd also like to give you the opportunity to join our *network of preferred businesses/products* via a sponsorship deal.

Not only do we constantly discuss privacy issues, but we have a wide variety of ways to influence adoption, helping your currency and the framework behind it become a household name.

As to what we can offer at Agorist Nexus, our platform features: a podcast, multiple social networks, with regular articles and news content, advertising space in our sidebars and in our "featured business" section.

We get 76,684 Visitors and 353,323 visits yearly on the web page. As well as 2,710 total podcast downloads in only 36 episodes. We have quickly become burgeoning presence in many alternative social media circles that other outlets don't reach. Our audience does not trust the state and would be glad to know there is a way around it which is more useful, practical, and private than Bitcoin.

In an age of rampant censorship, one can never be too private, and your subversive tech is a good step forward in becoming censor-resistant. We're excited to spread the word, and believe this could be a beneficial partnership going forward to advocate for the use of your currency; we’d be happy to start moving forward as soon as possible.

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