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Recently, one of my videos on Tik Tok got 1.6 million views. It was a video of my little brother ruining a puzzle that was just finished. Pretty funny, but the next video I posted, unrelated to the first video, got 350k views. Resulting in my profile having around 400k LIKES, and almost 2 million views. Although this is nother to brag about, it still amassed 3.5k followers who still engage somewhat in the random videos I have posted; getting somewhere between 1k-20k views. 

Now, I have changed my profile name to "epicprivateinterenetcash" (with proper consent) and made all my videos private. Although,  the page likes remain and my idea is to flood the account with epic content. I will be using copyright free videos of people talking about epic, so If you have any that could make good content, lmk. 

I have simple editing skills, but have friends and even family (my brother, an epic holder) is ready to help create short clips for Tik Tok and YouTube. 

My plan for YouTube is so make some tutorial, more specifically, a "How to buy epic on Vite.." and maybe "how to make a vite wallet", "How to set-up epic fundme"..etc


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