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Thistle's Bitty Jays old man



Going to rasie the income to purchase my new pup a life mate!

Why are we asking for funding?

Howdy everyone,

           Out there in the great big planet. I have set up a Epic Cash Fund Me account because I got a gift from heaven. You see I had a dog that was a good companion of mine. I always brought her and her daughter on my travels. They have have meet many great people in the liberty movement. That I look up too. Like Erine and Donna, Alma little Neo and Tate, Derrick, Jay noon and many more.

            Her name is "Bitty". I believe she and her daughter "Tranny" are still alive. They done did run off. After Jackalope of 2018 I think they got use too the close community. At Jackalope they ran off when I was sleeping one evening. Because I didnt believe in chipping. I dont know were they are.

             Bitty hand six litters of puppies in her life. Alwise wanted a puppie that looked like Bitty. To keep. Tranny was the closest one I ever hand. Her brother Jack Jack I gave to good firend of mine almost like a brother. He has taken good care of him. Jack Jack had his way with their other wodog named Amy. Amy had pups on the 29th of December. Doug picked out the one that looked the most like her grandma. So Im naming her Little Bitty Jay. After her. Jay is for Jr.       

            So Im asking for Epic Cash to purchase a male dog. To be Bitty Jay's old man. So they can grow up togther and be soul mates. I'm going to name him Erin "Iron" Kingsley after my new found firends I meet at Jackalope this last year. Hopefully someday they will grow up. And I will introduce this breed to the liberty community!  

           I found the breed of dog that looks the most like Bitty.

          Its called Norwegian Lunderhund. Its a interesting story please look in to it. Or the breed.

            My dream has alright come true dreaming bigger now. Thanks for your time a thoughts. Stand by.  


           This is the first time I met Little Bitty Jay!  

             This is were you get started on Epic Cash.

 Thanks for your time. Thoughts and income from heaven!

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