Half Asleep



Development of new social connection platform

Why are we asking for funding?

    The basic idea of Half Asleep is to create a voice chat service where people connect to chat about anything at all just before falling asleep.  Users in the community start with a beginers rank and through upvotes gain status.  The platform provides diversion, celebrates creativity and maybe even helps people get to sleep as night. The entire service operates exclusively on Epic Cash. Users "Ante up" when they log on with 1 EC (for beginners) and can adjust the amount they would like to receive for the exchange (each connection lasts 10 minutes).  Effectively, people who tell the best bedtime stories, have the most soothing voices etc.. get upvoted and draw more EC for their time.  Users also set the amount of EC they want to offer up.  No one need ever increase their "ante" beyond the token 1 EC no matter how much they are upvoted or respected in the community.  The system randomly connects the two people with compatible EC value propositions.   After connection users can rate and stay connected if so desired.

    This is the basic concept,  need $ and programers for development

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