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LIVE Linux EPIC Mining OS with boot to ram and pxe server function

Why are we asking for funding?

 -LIVE Linux EPIC Mining OS with boot to ram and pxe server function.

It is able to boot fully into RAM so no HDD needed.
Like an LIVE OS. Just copy to USB and boot it up for mining. It has an build in PXE Server so each Client in the same network will boot up the Epic Mining OS ans start mining immediately.

Pre Installed 51pool Xmrig Miner , SRB Miner and standard XMRig Miner.
Currently only for CPU mining because i don't have a high end GPU for testing.

51pool XMRig for EPIC mining 
SRB Miner for dual coin mining e.g. EPIC and XMR
Standard XMRig for XMR mining

Currently I am still testing and finetune it.
I will add more details later...

Active since: 1 February 2021 14:50:25Last updated: 2 February 2021 07:50:29

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