Justice for Brandy Vaughan



In Honor of Brandy Vaughan & learntherisk.org

Why are we asking for funding?

The founder of learntherisk.org died suddenly and unexpectedly. Her wishes is to have her death fully investigated, and that is what we are working on.

She protected her work so it could go on in her passing by creating a 501c3 and learntherisk will live on and continue with the mission to inform people of the complications, toxins, contaminates, and poisons in vaccinations...learntherisk will continue to help others learn the risk of these experimental, immoral, and unethical injections.

The fundraisers created for conducting this private investigation and to continue supporting the mission of learntherisk.org are being maliciously attacked and shut down. Learntherisk.org now has the ability on their website to accept crypto donations so please spread the word and let's get this investigation finished , and continue the mission of learntherisk, in honor of Brandy Vaughan.

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