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I need fund in order to buy a domain and a DNS, and to develop website. Thanks for your support!

Why are we asking for funding?


Born at the end of 2020, it was written completely by 0. After months of testing, we were able to give birth to a sophisticated and almost perfect product, thanks to the help of beta testers. Today Epicmine is ready for launch.


Epicmine is a different pool, one of a kind. To create your account, simply choose a name, a password and start the miner. The name must not already be in use by another miner. The account will be registered at the first solution found, after you can login in Telegram. The password must also contain the mining mode, solo / pool. No website (for now), each miner will have his own panel on which to constantly monitor earnings and workers, after logging in. In the settings it is possible to activate the notification service if one of the workers goes offline. The pool has a 0.9% fee and a PPLNS reward system. The payout can be requested upon reaching 1 EPIC, by clicking on Request Payout (in the Dashboard section), it is also possible to insert a message in the transaction. In the Workers section, you can view the status of all your workers, including the speed of each one, more accurate than ever (after 30 minutes of mining). In the Payments section you will find all the requested / paid payouts. In the earnings section you will find all your earnings (EPIC / USD), divided into different time windows. Visit the 'Getting started' section on the Telegram bot, for more information on setting up your miner.

Telegram bot: @Epicminepoolbot

Stratum server:

Happy hashing!

Active since: 4 February 2021 16:13:47Last updated: 5 February 2021 08:23:41

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