Anon_Vite Philippines



Kindly support me in creating meaningful content and building while educating Philippines community about Epic Cash.

Why are we asking for funding?

I would like to Support the EpicCash by :

  1. Setting up Social media accounts like: Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit (in the Philippines language)
  2. Translation and publishing a “starter pack” information on social media and forums.
  3. Community management and support of the Philippines Telegram Community.
  4. Contributing Valuable content like images, simple vid tutorials about EpicCash.
  5. Creating meaningful local campaigns regarding Epic Cash.
  6. Organizing local meetups to educate them more about the Epic Cash (Soon)

Active since: 17 February 2021 15:10:33Last updated: 17 February 2021 15:10:33

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