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Donations are good, but your influence and participation is better. Join Us!

Why are we asking for funding?

The great time has begun. Powerful forces are working feverishly in an effort to shape the entire world in THEIR image.  Their aim is to centralize control over EVERYTHING, including our freedom to choose.  Most of the worlds population will capitulate out of fear, ignorance, laziness, and a complete lack of moral will.  At Ustheworld.org we offer an alternative.   Our mission is to unite the 'good folks' of the world around a marketplace that is independent of Wall Street and corporate greed.  A marketplace where your shopping dollars are tithed to the people and causes YOU care about most, and recirculated within a community of good people and good businesses.  Join Us, and may we all benefit from a world made in YOUR image.

Why did we choose EPIC CASH as our preferred method of payment?
EPIC CASH is reliable money used by Freemen throughout the world.  Its just like Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, but EPIC CASH utilizes a fraction of the transaction fees and leaves a much lighter carbon footprint.  EPIC CASH stands for Electronic Private Internet Cash which means it is not only private from the snooping eyes of "Nosy Nancy' but also from invasive corporations and government overreach.  It is actual Cash Money so it talks while bs walks.  

But unlike fiat cash that loses value every minute, EPIC CASH actually goes up in value due to its limited supply (same as Bitcoins 21 million limit). It is real money for real people who believe in self-determination.  If this is you then you are amongst kindred spirits.  If you want to learn more, we have the resources.  If you are eager to earn some EPIC CASH we have work for you.  And if you still believe in the American Dream, then your EPIC story begins today.   Join us at the epicentral.io and at ustheworld.org.

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