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Our goal is to create different smart products to make the use of Epic Cash affordable for everyone.

Why are we asking for funding?

Who are we?

The team was born in December 2020 with the aim of making Epic Cash mining accessible for everyone. Since then, our work has been constant and unpaid, also investing most of our time and money. During this long period we have thought and studied many solutions and products that could greatly contribute to the adoption of Epic Cash as one of the most important cryptocurrencies.

What is Epicmine Pool?

Epicmine Pool is our first step into the world of Epic Cash. We wanted to contribute to the network, attract new miners into and provide an innovative and easy-to-use mining pool to Epic Cash miners, and with perseverance and a lot of work we are slowly succeeding. This pool was the way to make the community understand what we can do.

Future prospects

We admit that it is a passion for us and we enjoy getting positive feedback from those who benefit from our work, but our free time is less and less, due to our personal commitments and our real employment. We don't want to stop working on our project for Epic Cash and have therefore decided to ask for a contribution from the community here. We briefly show you which products we would like to create for Epic Cash.

  • A page entirely dedicated to an advanced mining profit calculator with all possible devices
  • A new fast, modern stylized and very functional Epic Cash Explorer
  • A wallet for Telegram
  • A web wallet accessible also via mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • An exchange which uses Epic Cash as the primary currency for any pair
  • Epicmine GUI Miner all-in-one, to start mining Epic Cash in a completely simple and revolutionary way


Thanks to all those who have supported us and who will decide to do so.

- Epicmine Team epicmine.org


If you want, use 0xd89495ab5c3584d3ccd4ef04feb370dc13383845 to donate USDT, ETH and other currencies (ERC20) on our ViteX account.

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