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Liberty and Freedom for All

Why are we asking for funding?

Would you like to become financially independent and prosperous?

 In this group I'll share with you what our freedom opportunity is all about.  The freedom law school courses and freedom packages can help you live free now. Ask how we can restore freedom and Justice in America together.    Before I do that please let me ask a few questions of you.   Do you believe in individual rights?   Do you believe that people have natural rights that can not be taken by any government under any pretense? or do all rights come from governments?   Do you believe in the United States constitution?  is it important?  is it valuable?    Should our public servants follow and adhere to the United States constitution?   Do you believe that the IRS is too big powerful and abusive?   Do you believe the government's has become to big at all levels and often abusive of people's rights?   Do you wish to have a government that is responsive to the people's needs?  Is it there to protect your rights and liberties?    If you said yes to the above questions, you are the kind of person I'd like to share a presentation with you.

Visit  Livefreenow.org 


or Call 314-690-1913 to leave a voicemail for me.

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