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Additional work to prove apparent correlation between Covid Cases and Minimum Humidity in other regions following successful results in London

Why are we asking for funding?

There appears to be a correlation between minimum relative humidity and Covid case numbers based on the following graph I produced using data from London. A “live”example Excel sheet can be found in the following link together with all data sources, details and background information. My intention is follow through by producing additional graphs for the rest of the U.K. and a few other countries where archive weather data is available to in an attempt to confirm this correlation and promote it if successful. This work started way back in March 2020 it was not until last August 2021 that the correlation was finally discovered. As with the nature of all EPIC I have done all the research and work required to get here during my spare time and using my own resources.  The costs associated with this work remain low, it’s allocating time and purchasing archival weather data sets. I will continue to cover all the necessary costs for the time being therefore no  direct contributions are necessary.  All those interested in supporting this exercise need only buy more Epic cash, any associated interest or increase in the price will be sufficient to support this work. So get going go buy more Epic cash …

PS heads up based on current forecasts the graph projects that in London at present Covid cases will continue to rise linearly this will then be followed by an exponential rise in cases. For anyone with basic graph interpretation skills please refer to the excel attachment in the link. This is now very likely to happen. If in a few weeks time if you are inspired by the success of this projection, Buy more Epic …



We now have Scotland ... https://link.medium.com/0pNSdFsYNkb

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