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Airdrop Epic Cash



Airdrop in Coinmarketcap for Epic Cash

Why are we asking for funding?

Dear freemen. I have an Idea. I saw it worked tons of times by other coins and tokens.

Maybe you know about this Idea of mine but here it is. We can gather some Epic by donation and then we can announce by coinmarketcap an Airdrop. In Airdrop case it doesn't matter how a token or coin cheap or expensive is. Airdrop provides extremely lots of attention to every project and because of that also you have to be ready to answer tons of people in the chats. Airdrop can be 1 epic or .5 epic or less and depends on donations we gather. Also before we gathered we can say how many people can win in this Airdrop program by coinmarketcap. For Airdrop in coinmarketcap always are some instructions which one has to do to be able to join the Airdrop and be one of the winners. It always contain following in social media and share and also downloading wallet to reciece coin and so on. After that period and days of announcement, winners list would be provided buy coinmarketcap and we would be able to send to their mobile wallet precious Epic Cash.  This is what came to my mind to tell you free people. Best Regards Be free   Ata Freeman🙏

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