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Epic Boat Charter



Charter by boat the unvaccinated out of there country and bring them where they what to live.

Why are we asking for funding?

I'm planning to sale my house when I will finish the renovations next spring and buy a yacht to get out of Canada to Mexico. Then using this boat to charter other people out of there country and bring them where they want to live. I would also like to buy land in Yucatan and create an Epic Village & Health Center. A self-sufficient community, health oriented with health tourist facilities. (Massages, detox center, meditation, yoga, glamping, etc..). I will create a website very soon for the Epic Boat Charter that will show the progression of the funding. This is a honest projet that I intend to see flourish and maybe help a lot of people on the way.

I believe in freedom and Epic Cash,

Nick Freeman

Active since: 30 October 2021 12:22:57Last updated: 30 October 2021 12:22:57

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