Because I help YOU help OTHERS buy Epic Cash with my detailed instructions!

Why are we asking for funding?

How to buy Epic Cash!!
Help your friends get Epic now!

#1 get BTC purchased somewhere else
#2 do all this:

Load app Vite (all this is done on the phone)

Create Acct
Account name: [your email address]

Backup Seed Phrase
chk 2 boxes

write down seed phrase

click backup
select them in order
click done

Vite is done

To transfer BTC to Vite:

Launch Vite:
click wallet (lower left corner)
click + sign to add Epic Cash
search “epic”
turn on “Epic-002”
search “BTC”
turn on “BTC-000”

From the Wallet screen
click BTC-000
click “cross chain deposit”
click “next”
click the copy icon to copy your BTC address at Vite

goto where u have BTC
paste in your Vite BTC address to the exchange where your BTC is
Send $100 as a test from your exchange to Vite.

WAIT ABOUT AN HOUR (I have had it go as fast as 20 min)!!

Check Vite BTC-000
Click Asset at the bottom right of the screen.
Click “Main” (about a ¼ of the way down the screen from the top)
when you see the $100 come in then send the rest of your BTC to Vite just like you did the $100
click Wallet in the lower left corner
click “BTC-000” with the $100 in it
click “cross chain deposit”
click “next”
copy the address by clicking on the copy icon on the right in the middle of the screen
go to your other exchange and sent BTC to your Vite BTC wallet address

“Main” is your wallet. “Trading” is your trading account on the exchange.
Best practice is to keep your Epic Cash in your “wallet” (off the exchange) until you want to need to trade it then move it to your “trading account” then trade. It’s easy to forget this and try to trade and wonder where you BTC went. If its in your wallet you will not have it avail for trading. Think of it like 2 bank accounts. If you pay your bills out of your checking but only have money in your savings it doesn’t work.

When all your BTC is in buy Epic Cash
click asset
click “BTC-000”
click “transfer” at the bottom
from Main Wallet
to Trading Wallet
click “transfer”
click “Run POW” (whenever you see this screen always choose “Run POW”)
click the back arrow
Go to home screen
click “trade” on the bottom
click the down arrow at the top where it says “VITE/BTC-000”
select: EPIC/BTC
select: 100%
top right select the bottom one + more going up as you need to fill your order
select BUY
select confirm
select “Run POW”

Go back to “asset” then click “trading” and make sure the order executed and you will see your balance

Transfer to your wallet for storage:
click “asset”
click “Epic-002”
click “transfer” at the bottom
From: Trading Wallet
To: Main Wallet
click “all” (in the middle of the screen and blue text)
click “Done”
click “Transfer”
enter your password
click “Run POW”
click the back arrow
click “Main”
see your balance in your wallet off the exchange!

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