Stake WASP, earn wanECR "air-grab" & yield-farms



Stake WASP, earn wanECR & wanECR yieldfarm

Why are we asking for funding?

I am coordinating the turning on of farming rewards for WASP/wanECR pair on wanswap coming fairly soon. I would say I am hoping before the new year. 


Will be a farming pair whitelisted here and my Idea is to also have a community funded wanECR "syrup style" pool. To have Wanswap users stake WASP to earn wanECR tokens to both generate interest for Epicenter but also connect the Epicenter community to ease them into using DeFi protocols on Wanchain with low gas fees, easy to use, and great resources in the community to guide them and deter from scams going on in community. I am the most active Admin in Wanswap group in Telegram and been there since launch. Being an OG member has had ups and downs over time but I push forward to bring value in the ecosystem which I surely see collaborating with Epic Cash & Epicenter, want to see us ramp up these community collaborations to mutually benfit.

I plan on making more video and written content towards Epic Cash and Epicenter and Wanswap and other Ecosystems and plan to contribute to many community projects this way as well. 

My passion is helping communities and adding value wherever I can. Hope you can push the vision of Epicenter & Wanswap collaboration forward and we can generate quite a bit of buzz over the next month (30 day goal for the fund me is $1000 to fund the next HIVE)

but to coincide with this I want to help to make some video & possible written content to promote this, and in about 30 days I'd like to raise $1000 to fund a wanECR HIVE on Wanswap as a single staking pool. This pool would act as an "air-grab" for Wanswap and Wanchain community.

This would be a 1 month long pool where it would be stake WASP, earn wanECR.

For the farming pool which is launching much sooner than that, the pool weight will start at 0.5X or 5,626 WASP per week shared between the pool.

At current rates about $1000 rewards emitted per month in WASP and with the incentives and launching of Epicenter governance protocol on Wanchain, we should expect more trading volume to also earn your share of 0.3% liquidity providing fees which autocompounds your share of LP yield to you LP tokens while staked.

By the time youve farmed a good amount of WASP, the idea is so Epicenter AND Wanswap community can participate in the wanECR HIVE pool which will run along side the WAN funded pool which is the rewards from Wanswaps Storeman Node running on the Wanchain network.

Wanswap is a true community run dex, and we'd really like to try to join forces more with the Epic, EPicenter communities to have some synergistic collaboration and growth together.

If we raise over $1000 for the Epic Fund Me - We can run an ECR/Epic community vote whether

-to add more rewards to the HIVE pool with the overflow
-market buy ECR tokens and add equal liquidity
-50/50 (50% more rewards, 50% for market buy and liquidity)

I would suggest if we begin to go much over the $1000 goal for 30 days I would much rather have community members come to Wanswap and learn how to use the platform and bridges and defi ecosytem teach them to do the DeFi with the wanECR and hopefully soon more Epic ecosytem tokens in future.

I will post a link upon the time the Epic Fund me is posted, also I will post a Wanchain, Polygon, ETH (or any EVM chain) address to contribute to this.)

Just giving more options to hopefully hit the goal sooner than later so we can help kick start some things for the epicenter. 🙏

Cheers and Happy Holidays 🥂

@FUD_Disposal on Telegram, beware of imposters.

any token any EVM (WAN/ETH,etc.) chain can be donated to address: 0x9f8C061e5a3c75Bd1A74E51201c20B2bDE720172



Cheers Freeman!

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