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Lifting the Veil of Illusion

Why are we asking for funding?


First of all I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of those in the Epic Cash Community that have supported me and shown love this past year!! - It’s been a journey!!!

For those that don’t know of me, I am Paul Cook.

I set up a YouTube channel a short while back documenting my urban exploring, whilst living in the amazing country that is Malta at the start of the global lockdown.

Being a heating engineer by trade, I was not being convinced by the narratives and bs stories told by the tour guides explaining away the obvious to me at these epic sites I was visiting.

And what with having a lot of time on my hands…..

I scratched a little deeper.

Little did I know I was living in an Star Fort !!!.


And 1.5 million views on YouTube and 100 videos later you could say I have dived deep into the rabbit hole. I have made and shared some extraordinary discoveries which have been discussed and expanded on by our loyal, ever growing community.

What I am discovering pretty much proves first hand we are living in a lie of the hugest proportions, and raises more questions than answers.   

The main being ‘WAS THIS REALM MAN-MADE ?’


Hidden History Discoveries Covering Topics such as :

Previous Resets // Mud Floods/ The Victorian Construction Lies / Building Re-Purposing / World Wide Re Population / Hidden Technology / Antiqui-tech

Star Fort Construction and True Purpose / World Wide Tunnel Networks / Circuit Board Earth / Megalithic Man/Giant Made Coastlines / Quarry Cover-Ups /



2021 was amazing channel wise.

In 2022 I am intending to take things to the next level.

I am going to be visiting more ancient sites , creating more diverse content and new show concepts with higher production values with other researchers, internationally noted comedians and other interesting guests, to really help spread the word of my findings.

We are also at the early stages plotting and planning a feature length documentary to help everyone put the dots together.

I am actively looking for funding and sponsorship partnerships to fund the extra equipment , development and production for the new content so I can carry on exploring and sharing on present and new platforms.

Whether you can help me or not with a crypto donation, I would still love you to join me this journey, as it really could change your outlook on life, the truth is liberating.

And if you're interested in joining the party, the links are below.


Pauly x

TaDa for now.



YouTube Numbers

16 Million minutes watch time

1.3 Millon Views

82,000 views in first 1 week for most recent video.


27,000 Subscribers

300+ New Subscribers per day

I am actively looking for sponsorship partnerships to utilise this exposure - if your interested get in touch.


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