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PhilanthrEPIC Thailand. Please leave a note with your donation so I can separate funding.

Why are we asking for funding?

Hello! The name my mother gave me is Ryan C. Cumiskey, but I go by Influential Augur in the Epic Community. I've been married for 7-years to a beautiful Thai woman, we have two young boys together, Steven Asira, 6 and Charles Sukrit, 4. I've lived in Thailand for a total of 8-years. This is my home and helping care for the Thai population will be the rest of my life's work, as long as I have a choice, hopefully in $EPIC fashion! I will be dedicating this fund for the sole purpose of philanthropic efforts inspired by Epic Impact that assist our beautiful Thai family who are in need. Our opportunities are endless! I will embrace a detailed documentation of every single $EPIC utilized in our efforts for a healthier, happier, and more sovereign Thailand. This is only my personal beginning of the rest of my life's work. $EPIC and EpicFundMe are my first step. This is my dream job, I believe it is the primary reason why I am here. Any kind of appreciation are both inwardly and outwardly regenerable. Everyone are immensely appreciated.  

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