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For Musical Concert on the 30th March, 2022

Why are we asking for funding?

Dear Sir,

I am JAMES DK a Musician from Port Loko District, Sierra Leone West Africa, am also a member of the Epic Community.

I would be having a musical concert (Show) on the 30th March, 2022. And the show would be an Epic Cash Show, were in the banner will carry the logo of Epic Cash and also the T-Shirt. I want to create awareness strategies, so that people will get the awareness of the Epic Family.

And the first Hundred people that would purchase the ticket will have an Epic T- Shirt and Vite Address Wallet. And I need to produce a song for Epic Cash to create more awareness to the people of Sierra Leone and Port Loko to be specific.

And there will be prices for people that will create Epic Account and get their vite address through demonstration on stage.

To crown it all, please I need a sum of $ 500 to $ 600 for me to achieve this event.

Please I need your help so that this event will come out successful and my people would get the awareness of getting vite address through Epic Cash.

Thanks for your usual support.

You can donate via: vite_ad1f2efdc8e7fa337110be388ff1f7ae650b1ab154ba56d974

Below is my youtube link




James Kemokoh Kargbo


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