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App for retired and non-tech savvy. Teach EPIC, mining, pmt options, SAFELY

Why are we asking for funding?

Cryptocurrency is a strange and unsafe world to those who don't understand. People need a SAFE space to learn. Fun & Games uses EPIC as a base for becoming familiar and confident with cryptocurrency, online security, and what a SAFE online community looks like.

NOTE: This project will not need funding forever - just to get the portal launched (it’s partially complete). This program needs to be available as quickly as possible, so we can save as many people as possible from being victimized by scammers. 

  • Bad Wolf's partnership with this platform lowers the cost per person (approx $10/m/person)
  • Internal funding: Members who learn to mine EPIC through this program can donate a % to the Fun & Games Membership wallet

Fun & Games creates “Buddies" by pairing participants with adults, university / high school students, etc. We engage Buddie-pairs in:

  • Learning about technology and staying safe online
  • Socializing within safe offline and online communities (like EPIC)
  • Learning about DeFi in a safe environment by using EPIC-powered activities, mining, and payment options

Program length: 2-3 months

Structure: 8 Modules, 3-5 short Activities per Module, approx 1 Module per week

Activities: Videos, games, live sessions with Mentors, workshops

After the program is completed, Members can join the weekly Coffee Club to:

  • Discuss, learn, stay up-to-date
  • Participate in activities, games, events
  • Earn points and EPIC tokens for:  
    • Participation
    • Volunteering to help with activities, events, games, etc.
    • Mining, sharing on social media, creating a 2nd wallet, etc.
  • Online Store: redeem Points and EPIC tokens for
    • Branded t-shirts, baseball caps, etc. (EPIC and other Sponsor logos)
    • Membership: send a Fun & Games membership as a gift
    • Time with a Mentor

Active since: 18 March 2022 08:04:46Last updated: 7 June 2022 06:38:15

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