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Fighting for Freedom in Jalisco and Nayarit Mexico

Why are we asking for funding?

All funding is going to a local group of freedom activists in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico and The Banderas Bay Area. I have been living here for two years after fleeing Los Angeles in March 2020 and was lucky enough to meet some of the group early on. They conduct rallies, marches and educational events every month and could use some financial support as most of them work 6 long days a week taking home about 10-20 USD a day and do not have much time to organize, only on Sundays which is usually the day to spend with family down here.

The funds would be used for things such as printing flyers and banners, a better mic & speaker for rallies, t-shirts or anything else that would help spread the word of the deadly jab, masks, PCR test, etc. or any other topic that goes along with the New World Order agenda that is currently being rolled out right out in front of our eyes.

UNITY and LOVE is really the bottom line here and that is all they have been giving to us foreign "conspiracy theorists" who fled our home countries for the hope of more freedom in beautiful Mexico. And as an added bonus this is a way to educate people on how to use EPIC so we can all be prepared for the upcoming economic collapse and attempt to use it to help those in need with food and other necessities when the time comes.

This Vite address is owned by one of the groups members who is a journalist and has been instrumental in putting on these events, we went and watched Plandemic II at a local library last night, such a beautiful event that he organized bringing us foreign freedom fighters together with the local community, many of which don't know that they have access to true information as most only see the lies.

You can read his work in English here:


Also for more information you can follow a channel where I have been making videos with one of the group members to get an idea about what life is like down here during this great battle for freedom and humanity.


Borderless podcast interview:

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