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Justice4Canada DAO



To Investigate, Prosecute & Litigate COVID PLANdemic Conspirators, Traitors & Murderers

Why are we asking for funding?

The COVID PLANdemic is a CRIMINAL operation.

It was criminal from the beginning. It continues to be a criminal operation today. The responses from participating government actors, unions, and industry represented - and continues to represent - a coordinated and systematic attack against Canada and its citizens.

Government, unions, and industry conspired to commit crimes against humanity. They aided and abetted and are guilty of criminal negligence causing death. Citizen actors committed treason. Foreign actors declared WAR on Canada and Canadians.

The Justice4Canada DAO (J4C DAO) will enable Canadians to come together to expose, target, and defeat these dark forces having infiltrated senior roles in nearly every one of our once-respected institutions. The J4C DAO will generate national awareness, expose the FRAUD, and fund civil and criminal investigations including legal actions against all those involved.

History must show that those who conspired to deceive and murder Canadians paid the ultimate price for their crimes and that our nation survived the actions of these monetary-nihilist psychopaths. For those with doubts, watch this www.grand-jury.net . The evidence is OVERWHELMING. It's time to legally expose and bury the perpetraitors!

To learn more, get involved, and support this effort, join us on Telegram https://t.me/+bHuc4-yfDvg3YTNh [PS You will need to look for a private message from "Jessica Chaplin" before being admitted.]



Active since: 27 March 2022 22:56:11Last updated: 19 April 2022 18:45:51

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