Trial EPIC+VIVA Staking Rewards

Trial EPIC Staking Rewards on VIVA Staking Pool-currently 211EPIC



Cooperation with VIVA Pools to get more People to know EPIC

Why are we asking for funding?

What is this Funding for?
The Viva Pools Members ask us to cooperate with them for staking EPIC or VIVA to get VIVA or EPIC Rewards.
 - This is a good opportunity for us the get more attention on EPIC. -
We want to make a Trial Reward pool first (at least the value of 100$ in EPIC) to see the community reactions and then maybe continue with another one.

The Reward Amount for the trial pool will depend on the funded Amount.

Viva Pools have around 2.5k holders, 1k discord members and 1,2k Twitter followers.
Their staking pools on Vite have a TVL of  around US$800k.
#1 They can help increase adoption of EPIC among the vite community.
#2 They can help to bring in new users to use the vite gateway to transfer EPIC onto vite from EPIC Wallet and vis versa. 

How does it work?
Users can stake EPIC to earn VIVA rewards or stake VIVA to earn EPIC rewards.
The total rewards for the pool will be fixed at $xxx worth of VIVA or $xxx amount of EPIC.
The APR for this pool will be dependent on how many EPIC / VIVA tokens are staked.
Viva will match the $ value of viva rewards with the $ value of epic rewards we provide.

Generally, there is no limit to the maximum tokens that can be staked in each pool, so APR depends on the number of tokens staked. So e.g. if $100 rewards are shared among $10000 worth of tokens staked, then APR will be approximately 26%.

Additional Info
Viva Pool will also co-write a medium article to introduce the epic token.
Reference Info co-write a medium article for Vicat Token.

Viva Pool link


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