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Christiana Sankoh Needs Urgent Medical Attention




Christiana Sankoh Needs Urgent Medical Attention

Why are we asking for funding?

Dear Epic Community and the world at large,

I write with reference to the predicament of Christiana Sankoh, who has been diagnosed with blood cancer and needs urgent medical attention within limited time. Christiana Sankoh is just one of the unfortunates that needs medical help urgently, but the family cannot afford the sum required.

According to medical report, Christiana is to undergo an emergency treatment and passport for travelling within 15 days for her to undergo the treatment she deserves out of the country. According to the email received from the Medanta medical centre in New Delhi – India the child (Christiana) needs a sum of $20k -45k to undergo her complete treatment. The hospital furthered that, the child is having AML and needs evaluation with Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). A bone marrow transplant is a procedure that infuses healthy blood-forming stem cells into your body to replace your damaged or diseased bone marrow. A bone marrow transplant is also called a stem cell transplant.

she  might need a bone marrow transplant if your bone marrow stops working and does not produce enough healthy blood cells.

Bone marrow transplants may use cells from your own body (autologous transplant) or from a donor (allogeneic transplant).

Medanta Medical Center after analyzing the test results of Christiana on an email disclosed to her parents that, her chance of survival is 90% certain. Unlike other transplant that require 50% of survival. Looking at the report, Christiana is sure to survive her transplant,

The family of Christiana Sankoh calls the Epic Community of Sierra Leone and Non Governmental Organisations to come to their aid, as their child is desperately in need of help. Christiana deserves better and they plead to for fund from Epic Community or any other Philanthropist to help this innocent child’s life.

For more info if you want to be of help to the family and the child, please contact Mustafreeman of the Epic community.


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