EPIC Partnerships, security programs, workshops, wallets

Why are we asking for funding?

I create content, facilitate workshops, and work on strategic partnerships for EPIC, wallets, and online security.

CONTENT (so far)

DeFi talks

EPIC wallet workshops

Online Security education for the EPIC Community

Hard-wired VPN workshop and product



Opportunities with organizations like the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), DefCon, VPN, Online Security Companies



  • Present the talks and workshops at events, businesses, and universities
  • Workshops and talks to complement PARTNERSHIPS with the gaming cons, comicons, technology companies, etc.
  • Have businesses accept EPIC, pay in EPIC where possible, educate their clients, help their clients create wallets
  • Give non-business people the chance to learn about DeFi, and how they can use EPIC
  • Give young companies a foundational opportunity to learn DeFi and use EPIC
  • Work on the strategic Partner opportunities listed above. 


Upcoming opportunities 


In August I will be onsite in Las Vegas with DefCon, EFF, and others. I can start discussions now, and continue them face-to-face.

Wallet workshops for the 3 business networks (close to 1000 for the 3 networks combined) in May / June


  • Creating checklists, infographics, and information for this channel.
    • passwords, vpn, social engineering, privacy, etc.
  • I have pinned a free BadWolf online security education program that anyone can use. It is 25 min total and can be done in small bits of time (it is made up of 1-1.5 min videos, a few questions, etc.). 
  • Next up
    • a more advanced security program, for those who are interested
    • advanced VPN information
    • advanced security information, updates, and Q&A times

Northern FanCon + 2 gaming cons

  • An event similar to San Diego's ComiCon (May 11-13, 2022), but smaller (1000-5000 people). 
  • Northern FanCon will accept Epic at it's on-site store, and at as many booths as I can bring on board. They already have VIP wallets and a vanity token, and the plan is to introduce Epic this year (add it to their VIP wallet), educate attendees throughout the year, and have Epic accepted at booths next year. N FanCon gives wallets and discounts to VIP ticket holders, so the plan is to use EPIC for this perk as well.
  • This con is smaller than the large Cdn FanCon, and the US ComiCon. The plan is to start here, work out the kinks, and then bring this to the bigger cons.


PLEASE DM me if you would like more information on any of these projects OR if you would like your EPIC contribution to be used for a specific project from the list.

The list is long and - obviously - time / cost intensive. I will execute as many opportunities as possible, and funding helps tremendously!


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