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Yubiwa offers a 4-7 minute video on their YouTube channel of 232K followers

Why are we asking for funding?

As of 5-26-2022, this fundraising goal has been met and Yubiwa will be releasing a 5-minute video on their YT channel reaching 250K Japanese and Asian YT and Twitter followers. We will share links to the production very soon!

Thank you to all those who contributed!!

I will leave this site open if we decide to use it for future fundraisers. Funds raised after the fundraising goal was met have been returned



This is a limited time targetted fundraiser From ECIP-M-002 


There is no direct compensation as a result of donations to this content (no EIOU)

Yubiwa offers a 4-7 minute video on their YouTube channel of 232K followers as well as exposure to 21K on Twitter for 641$EPIC. We provide the info we would like covered, pay 50% upfront, and then we are provided a link to review the video and request any changes before paying the final 50%


641 EPIC
50% up front and 50% when complete


4-7 minute YouTube video covering points we provide to the service provider. Link to preview the product is provided prior to paying the final amount for the finished product

The Vite address in this fundraiser will only be used for this one 4-7 minute video from Yubiwa. 

@Izlo_ECC on Telegram is the manager for this fundraiser and will execute funds according to ECIP-M-002 

Funds will be returned to the Vite address they were received from in the event that this fundraiser does not complete. Excess funds can either be returned or contributed to other ECIPs based on sender's preference.

Please address any comments, questions and concerns to @Izlo_ECC on Telegram.  

Thank you!

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