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Tell Ralph Smart About Epic Cash



To raise funds for a one-to-one meeting with Ralph Smart

Why are we asking for funding?

Hey everyone. Please can I have your attention to the following proposal.  Ralph Smart - Infinite Waters Ralph has been raising the frequency and helping people 'become their greatest version' for many years and has a huge following on YT and instagram. I believe that he genuinely wants to be a catalyst in the 'global awakening', helping humanity to free itself from the collapsing Babylon system. That fact, in my mind at least, makes him someone who needs to know about Epic Cash and to help 'bang the drum' for superior money for the people. Having sent emails to Ralph Smart and received no reply, I propose the following: Ralph offers one-to-one coaching sessions over Skype for 921 Epic. Therefore I am proposing to engage him for a 1 hour conversation about Epic Cash, including how Epic allows people to gain their independence from the Banks and also how those previously unable to obtain a Bank account can now be part of the marketplace. Etc. Ralph has an abundance mentality so I am sure he knows how to recognise what a golden opportunity Epic represents, and that he has a role to play in bringing Epic to mass awareness, for the benefit of all. I am asking for the Epic Cash community's help in raising funds for this venture and have created an EpicFundMe in order to crowd fund this project and to raise the 921 Epic. If you would like to help make this happen, please donate to the Vitex address provided. The fund will close immediately sufficient funds are provided. 

Thanks. You're all awesome!

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