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Supporting and Increasing Epic Cash Brand Awareness via POD Merch Stores

Why are we asking for funding?

I have started ‘Amazon Merch on Demand’ store with (currently) 100 designs limit.

The brand of the store is 'Epic Cash Merch' (on amazon.com). 

I have used the public Epic Cash GitHub design templates to develop my own high-resolution designs with gimp software.   I am starting by uploading 13 different product designs daily (premium t-shirt, V-neck  t-shirt, tank top, long sleeve t-shirt, raglan, sweatshirt, pullover hoodie, zip hoodie, popsockets grip , iPhone case, Samsung Galaxy case, tote bag, throw pillow) in 7 different markets (US, Europe: gb, de, es, it, fr, Japan). Currently, the product potential is 6,600 products total that I will reach in about 3 months' time.  

The business model of Merch-By-Amazon is that the posted product designs are live for 3 months from publishing date. If one product design sells one copy, the product design will remain on amazon.com indefinitely. If it does not sell, the design will be removed and I will have to re-post it to keep it alive. It would therefore help me if you buy a product or share the links with friends and family. That way, when designs sells, the amazon will increase my design limit (ultimately to 10,000 designs tier) and I'll have more time to make additional/different designs.  

Please buy, recommend, spread the word, comment, like and dislike, give kudos, and criticize the designs:  


Cheers, Wahoo Freeman    

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