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Support the Time and Small Cost Associated with Producing & Publishing the Let's Talk Epic Cash Podcasts

Why are we asking for funding?

What is the Let's Talk Epic Cash / Twitter Spaces Podcasts?

Let's talk Epic Cash is a weekly podcast via Twitter Spaces held every Saturday at 2pm EST. It is an open podcast where anybody can join to discuss/debate/speak/listen/learn about Epic Cash. The only rule is that the space will be a place for positivity, and will be without negativity & disrespect.

The podcast aims to represent and emulate the Epic Cash project by being community focused and driven. This means that topics are voted on each week via Twitter polls held at @EPIC_Hodler

Podcast Structure

Each episode starts off with the latest project news & updates that is obtained via telegram, twitter and YouTube throughout the week

The session then progresses into an open discussion whereby Epic Cash community members have an ability to provide their perspectives on the topic that was voted on. Unlike a large majority of other projects in the space, it is and will continue to enable the voices of the community members to be truly heard.

Growth & Expansion

My goal is to continue the growth and expansion to ensure I do whatever I can to contribute towards the objectives of what I believe to be the best cryptocurrency project in the space - i.e. banking the unbankable, and achieving financial freedom for the masses & more.

A few of the expansion ideas I have will require the number of podcasts being held each week to increase. These ideas include:

  • Second community call each week to ensure the voices of those in Asia, Australia & New Zealand time zones are heard.
  • Interviewing those wanting to be sponsored via EpicFundMe to come on the show and present their campaign, why the Epic Cash Community should support them, and what they can do for Epic Cash in return. This would act as a supporting mechanism for the EpicFundMe initiative. 

 I have other expansion ideas and will be looking to start these in due course.

Potential to Contribute Towards Epic Cash Success

The loyal and passionate following of our community enables me to see a lot of potential in the growth of these podcasts, and therefore subsequently contributing towards the growth, adoption and success of Epic Cash. As the Let's Talk Epic Cash / Twitter Spaces podcast is being distributed on multiple platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Samsung podcasts, YouTube and of course Twitter, I strongly believe the production, sharing & distribution of such episodes can significantly contribute towards growing our audience, our reach, and therefore our community. 

Why Epic Fund Me?

The organisation of these podcasts involves planning & preparation, execution, a small cost to enable each podcast to be uploaded to a multitude of platforms, editing the audio files and promotion.

As emphasised, this will be a community focused project representative of Epic Cash, meaning that the ideas of any community member will be carefully considered, e.g. expansion ideas, frequency of community calls etc. All you need to do is get in touch with me on Telegram @jam_93, or twitter @EPIC_Hodler, and we can discuss.

Any contributions / donations to support the production of these podcasts would be really appreciated!

Thanks all


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