Thailand Ad Fundraise



To help raise Epic Cash brand awareness in Thailand.

Why are we asking for funding?

The Thai billboard advertisement is my much larger longer-term fundraise plan for what I want to do here. I'm also undertaking shorter-term strategies to help promote the project and brand awareness! I will be designing and creating Epic banners, signage and possibly stickers etc. to spread around my local village and the nearest metro area Udon Thani, Thailand, inside or in front of small businesses and possibly fresh markets. I will be looking into transportation such as tuk tuk taxi services as well! I've already begun laying groundwork with establishing a banner and signage concept with stickers. Thanks to everyone who have helped support.


*For transparency consideration details such as pictures, pricing and relationship development may be updated as progress occurs*  


Chameleon Production Co., Ltd:  (Other companies may be added as they are researched and verified.)



-  Production cost is $21.76 - $32.64 per 10.76 Sq. ft.

-  Monthly billboard rental ranges from $1360.15 - $27,203


Lower-end advertisement are in locations such as Koh Samui and Phuket. Upper-end are in high-density traffic locations such as airports.


Sovereign Media JP



Kamy with Sovereign Media JP forwarded us available locations with pricing below. All opportunities are in prime locations across Bangkok:




-  Production cost is $19.78 per 10.76 Sq. ft. 

-  Monthly billboard rental ranges from $3,955 - $7,062.50


Median initiative goal: $20,000 - $60,000 USD for a 1-year ad contract.


Forward progress and all support will be documented and presented to the community in Telegram. Leave a memo with your @name on donations if you'd like to be recognized.


For the larger Thai Billboard Ad please include TH-01 in the memo field.


For the smaller Thai Ad Fundraise please include TH-02 in the memo field.

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