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Family's only vehicle totaled only carried state minimum insurance because that's all that they could afford.

Why are we asking for funding?

My lu k for the past three months has been the absolute worst ever in my life. Well it just got worse, my wife totaled our only vehicle. The part that makes this worse is she works two jobs and I am Disabled. Now she has no way to and from work. We only had state minimum insurance on the car because that is all we could afford, so basically we are screwed and she was at fault in the accident. So our car is gone and we get nothing. I am trying to get a cheap car from a buy here pay here place so she does not loose her jobs, if she does my family will loose everything. We need to come up with $500 for a down payment for the car so far we have like $90. I know this is a long shot and many people are also having a hard time with life the way the world is today. If you are able to help my family will be forever grateful ­čÖĆ. Time is of the complete essence right now. If she is out of work to long she will loose her jobs and we will loose our house and everything┬á thus becoming homeless. Please please please help us if you are able to. Note for transparency I also posted the tow paper and a picture of the car.

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