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To help with the adding and supporting of EPIC Cash, within BoxWallet

Why are we asking for funding?

BoxWallet is a multi-coin CLI tool, that gets your coin-of-choice wallet/node set-up ***fast***, with just a few commands.

I'd like to get EPIC Cash added to it, to make the easiest way of setting up a EPIC Cash wallet/node.

At the moment, if you're wanting to setup an EPIC Cash node, it takes about 72 hours to fully sync. If you want to speed this up, and lets face it, who wouldn't, you need to download a compressed snapshot file, and then un-compress it to the correct location. This can be quite tricky for new users. How about we make it easier?

Using BoxWallet, any user will be able to run a single command, that will automatically download the enitre Blockchain snapshot, and get it un-compressed, and placed into the correct location so that all they need to do is to run the GUI wallet :)

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