To raise funds for an airdrop for an EPIC AMA on Making Cents

Why are we asking for funding?

Making Cents is the leading social, marketing and education platform on Vite ecosystem (see website). We have over 10k Twitter followers (see @bemakingcents), over 6k Telegram users and over 1.5k Discord users.

We are planning an AMA session with Max Freeman on our Telegram channel in the month of October. To encourage participation and create greater awareness for the EPIC project, we will like to crowdfund an airdrop in $EPIC.


Other information:

Following are services that Making Cents has provided for other crypto projects

1. AMAs to help new users understand the project.

2. Learn-to-earn campaigns. We partner with crypto projects to reward users for trying out their dapps. We will also write guides and conduct live tutorials to help onboard new users and improve adoption rate.

3. Commission our team of writers to write about the project.

4. We can carry out promotion campaign on social media to get good engagement.

We can support any marketing needs of EPIC Cash. 

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