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For Translation of Indic languages

Why are we asking for funding?

Hi all, 

I have volunteer translators from every region of india as well as world. I am working in Crypto from last 7.5 years. I want to promote EPIC Cash idea all over india at first then i will contribute in making idea popular in other Asia and African countries. We will do translation of EPIC files and make videos on our 120k followers Facebook page and Linkedin pages. We will also continuously promote Epic Cash over steemit, Instagram with videos and content. I am verified Content Writer at ICOHOLDER. Please help us in completing Indic translation of separate files. We have volunteer translator with me but only need funds for designing work of files as indic languages don't supported by free pdf editors. Thanks for staying with this wonderful project.  Translation did till now for Epic Cash is: 

Hindi Punjabi Gujarati Kannada Telugu Tamil Assamese Bengali Sindhi


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