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Crypto Coin Show



Crypto Coin Show Epic Cash Interview Distribution + more

Why are we asking for funding?

We are starting an EFM to fund the distribution of a video throughout the Crypto Coin Show and the financial channels the network is syndicated to!

Here is more info on the reach of Crypto Coin Show and where the video will be distributed:

Since 2014 Crypto Coin Show has brought exposure for blockchain companies through video interviews, distributing them through multiple networks including Reuters Insider/Refinitiv TV owned by the London Stock Exchange, Crypto Coin Show, Roku TV, Investment Pitch Media, all their social media channels. Refinitiv financial network has over 600,000 paid subscribers and Crypto Coin Show over 58,000 subscribers with over 1200 successful videos and counting. Together with our social media and partner channels we reach over 1 million audience. The show has hosted some of the biggest founders in Blockchain including Roger Ver, Charles Hoskinson, John McAfee (RIP), and more.

Crypto Coin Show just won the Web3 influencer awards for the best Interview and Podcast show in all of Web3, and also holds the title for the longest standing interview show in Web3.

We would love to get EpicFundMe in the company of these greats and showcase the project more to the world!


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