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Pitch in for some AI voice generator

Why are we asking for funding?

Some might already know me, and some might not. My name is Kay(Kpcrypt0) and I have been working on some videos for EPIC Cash and some other cryptocurrency projects, and I often run into the problem that adding a voice to the videos is hard to do. I have to find the right person willing to record the text and edit it to make it comfortable to listen to, or I have to record my own which has a heavy Dutch accent. I started playing around with some AI voice software online from multiple companies and figured that this might be a way better solution for me(and the project). The only problem is the recurring fees that I have to pay right now which would be $29,- monthly for Murf.ai, if I take the monthly option(yearly is cheaper at $228, but I am currently not in the situation to pay that). 

I am willing to pay for the time being, but I just hope that someone would be willing to cover a part of the costs. I also am open to generate voice-overs for anyone else, if they need some help with it.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to pitch in!

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