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Wolf Megin



I fell for scammers

Why are we asking for funding?

I think on the 5th of March 2023 I looked at my Vite Wallet and installed all updates. I also installed the new EPIC CASH wallet on my Apple Notebook. When I tried to transfer EPIC from Vite to my new EPIC CASH wallet on the notebook, the address of the wallet on the notebook did not work with Vite. And then I made the mistake to post a question on the EPIC Cash community Telegram channel. About the same day I was contacted by a fake Uncle V and a fake Mothertrucker who wanted to help. They claimed that I would have to "re-authenticate" my Vite wallet via another website called . I did not reply first as I had other things to do. But for some unknown reason I responded I think on the 6th of March and somehow got involved.  I only have to blame myself. I have always been so careful but this time it looked all good and I fell for it. The fake IDs looked very real. Via this website walletsmartpairing they got my keys for the Vite wallet and also for other wallets. A massive loss. When I logged in on March 7th in the morning, most funds were gone. A massive amount of Pirate from the Pirate Lite wallet and the Vite Wallet for EPIC was empty. The EPIC damage is a high number ofEPIC coins.  This is just too embarrassing. I still do not understand why, for a few hours, my mind got under their control. I am not joking. I think this is a serious issue that somehow "they" can control our minds. Like what Harari, the guy from the WEF talks about.  Maybe I was very exhausted that day as well.  I will post some of the major screenshots on this site. Hopefully people can learn from this. 

PS: I just changed the name here as my real name turned up on sites when using search engines

If anybody wants to donate some coins or fractions thereof:

Bitcoin (BTC) address:    14WWSXF8ARXuFKgvHV7hi2AdPqKLLSuJLU

Monero (XMR) address:    42gvP8KDVve7Rzwt8B2GUR3mynCNRdeGw8UhFtMSzSFr5u58XzNPifcGL4iwDLptPbE5MBuy12RWKJfg9h4FipjwHLqQcr6

Pirate (ARRR) address:    zs1wndd9ql6dzc8s58n8603dnpclhsksmzdt2h8kqgq80rp8znghry72txxxuyth4e089aacqz4ws7


EPIC Cash address: this is a new address and I also put the new address above  


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