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Marvelloz - Aussie EpicCasher

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A-Tweet-A-Day To Drive Awareness of Epic Cash in AUSTRALIA!

Why are we asking for funding?

Please support my efforts in producing Tweets daily to help build awareness about this amazing project that is essential to maintaining financial freedom.

We are at war against the banksters and we need to educate as many people as possible on Epic Cash and the Epicenter Ecosystem. We need to show people that there is an alternative to the Central Bank Fiat based ponzi money scam. 

My aim it is publish at least 1 tweet a day promoting topics like: 

  • the importance of financial privacy,
  • the issues with the current money system,
  • warn people about CDBCs,
  • teach people about Epic Cash,
  • encourge people to Do More Research on this project,
  • increase our telegram channel memberships

and much much more. 

Just a small sample of my work is listed above. 

Please visit my Twitter Page - https://twitter.com/au_epic 


Your small donation will go a long way as I want to devote more time to doing more tweets and help retweet other Epic Cash Community posts. 



If you would like put an oar in the water and start tweeting but don't know how, for a small donation I would be happy to give some tips to help you get started.

I can provide advice on how to get setup with multiple accounts in Twitter (so you can keep you person Twitter account separate from your "Epic Cash" account.  I can also provide you with all the resources where to find excellent Memes and also some basic tips on how to craft tweets and multi-part tweet threads.  

Active since: 14 March 2023 15:03:30Last updated: 14 March 2023 15:03:30

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