Erman's daughter smiling while holding the only hope for her father
1 Liter per bottle

Dishwashing Liquid for a cause



This aims to get additional funds for my brother's medication and hospital bill

Why are we asking for funding?

Good day, EPIC Fam,

I would like to ask for your help and support for our "Fundraising campaign" for my brother's medication and hospital bill.

My brother was diagnosed with LUPUS Nephritis, CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE Stage 5, PNEUMONIA, and an ENLARGED HEART.

He was currently confined to a hospital here in Philippines. We are doing this fundraising to help buy his medicines and hopefully pay his total hospital bill to be able to discharge him. 

We are knocking on your heart to kindly support us by buying dishwashing liquid that we manually mix and repacked in each bottle.

Even if you're not here in the Philippines, for every 1 bottle ($0.82 each) that you will buy, we will distribute it to 1 person here in our country and we will also send them 0.1 EPIC in exchange for them installing an Epic pay wallet and creating 15 sec+ videos sending their love and best wishes to my brother.

Our goal is not just to help my brother but to also onboard new EPIC holders at the same time.

We will record their wallet addresses and compile their videos as proof of our work here.

I am praying and hoping that by sharing his story and condition our Lord God will touch the heart of our community and they will become an instrument to give him a MIRACLE.

Thank you so much for your time reading my funding reason and God bless us all!

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