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Why are we asking for funding?

Hello everyone,

We made this EpicFundMe entry to try and receive a little bit of support to run and maintain the Ellipsnews.com website. We are working voluntarily on the website and trying to engage as much writers as possible to get a steady stream of articles. Next to this we have been talking about paying people for their contributions, however our funds are limited, and this is why we ask for a little support.

Any received support from this EpicFundMe will be used for:

- Hosting & domain
- Paying writers and content creators
- Additional funding to pay for some advertisment

Next to this we are willing to run banner ads for companies and mining pools. For 10 EPIC a month, for 1 banner on the site, you can place your own banner on our website.

Let's all come together and push the EPIC News out there!

Thank you very much

Kpcrypt0, Mentjoxmusic and the whole EPIC community

Active since: 26 April 2023 14:01:23Last updated: 26 April 2023 14:01:23

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