it is to promote the Epic project in our country and to allow companies to accept Epic as a means of payment

Why are we asking for funding?


Members of the #EPIC229 community expressed their desire for the organization of a basketball game event in Lokossa. Attached is the proof of the request. 

The event will take place in two weeks

On this, Jilius and I, we consulted and drew up a plan for that.The event will take place on June 

We are writing to you because of our needs for an effective and efficient organization

We will need:

A team of 28 players plus 5 responsible therefore 33 participants, which corresponds to 33 jerseys $16 times 33 = $560

The company that wants to take care of the confection has accepted the EPIC payment

Restoration ($250 ) and refreshment ($150 )

Transport $100 EPIC


1st Team: EVA Freeman Trophy ($300) + $200 EPIC

2nd Team: $100 EPIC 

Total; $1660 EPIC

This event will allow us to make the EPIC project known to Beninese in order to show them that EPIC is not only an investment project but a project that is also involved in community actions, social activities.

It should also be noted that $EPIC provides a hedge against inflation. Coinstore, ChangeNow, Guardian and many more offers in the background.

We decided to make this symbolic trophy to mark the existence of Epic in our country. This event will also allow us that certain companies will accept Epic as a means of payment.

This was already the case during our previous events in Benin (the purchases we made, the payment was in team). We have organized interesting events in benin

I put the overall photos of the events that we had organized in Benin last time and the photo of the basek jerseys on which we will put the name of Epic

 The event will take place in two weeks

Done by Maxime and Jilius

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