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We will be the first INK Business in the Philippines to accept EPIC as a payment method

Why are we asking for funding?

About the Business

I will reestablish our previous INK-selling business here in the Philippines.
We will be the first Filipino business to accept EPIC as an official payment method.

Our main product is universal INK for different kinds of printers. 

In the long run, we will add more printer-related products to be more widely accepted in different sectors here in our country that use that kind of stuff in their daily activities.


-  We started our INK business last 2019 offline, then created our online shop as well. We already have our own regular community of buyers.

(We just stopped because of financial problems, and my brother was diagnosed with a chronic illness, but we will now come back stronger.)

- We've been shipping nationwide as well via our online shop (LazadaShopee and upcoming Tiktok Shop), some of the areas that we have already had been delivered to are Pampanga, Bulacan, Bukidnon, Cagayan, Antipolo, Ilocos Norte, and Cebu Philippines.

- We can reach out to every school (elementary, high schools, and colleges), Churches, and Barangay Hall (Government offices) that need ink as part of their daily/weekly activities. 

- INK is needed in most of every establishment and office, the market/lead is huge and because of that, we can widely spread EPIC in the right way as a payment method.

- We have a quality product at a cheap price that we can get directly from the factory. It is an advantage over other same businesses here in PH and we can also make the factory owner a potential EPIC holder for future transactions.

Our ways to promote EPIC CASH for mass-adoption

1. We will use EPIC as an official payment method along with our own Philippines Currency (PHP) to educate them about the use cases of EPIC.

We know that not everyone is fully aware yet about EPIC and Cryptocurrency, some are just afraid because of fraud that is lurking in newbies that's why the combination of Philippines currency and EPIC as payment methods will be a good way to start their transition.

We will create educational materials in all of our Business social media accounts to make sure that all of the questions about EPIC will be answered perfectly.

It will be posted as part of a marketing campaign on our official pages and online store description.

2. We will create stickers (with QR codes on how to install the Epic Pay/Vite app and link on how to properly use it) and we will put them as stickers on the plastic bags of every order of our customers once we ship it, to inform them that they can get up to 10% discounts once they use EPIC as a mode of payment on their next order.

It will encourage them and give them idea about EPIC 

3. Up to 20% of the future monthly income will be allocated for marketing campaigns every month to ensure that we will have enough EPIC exposure both online and offline.

4. We will have a weekly/monthly campaign to download Epic Pay/Vite Wallet and we will share the campaign details on our Online shop and Facebook since most Filipinos are using it as the main social media then we will pick random and top fan winners of both EPIC and EPIC Merch (T-shirt, cap, hoodies, etc).

Project Name: INKredible Shop
Project Lead: Ermie Nacy a.k.a CryptoPreneur

Contact: +639455012767
Telegram: @SiopaooPH
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SiopaooPH 

Gmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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