create a shop selling phones and also video games for young people

Why are we asking for funding?

My name is SEHOUN JONATHAN, fourth year pharmacy student. I am a young activist, passionate about business as well as studies. For almost a year, I embarked on a project to sell Apple and Samsung phones online through distributors. In Benin's current economic system, it's a booming business that pays a lot when you invest well in it. I would like to increase the mass of my goods and if possible open a shop. This will allow me to move my project forward quickly and increase my sources of income. On the other hand, with my projects, I will be able to help the Epic Pay association by inviting young people to pay their payment fees with epic virtual currency, by talking about epic currency to my customers and also making posters of epic pay in said shop The second part of the project is to open a game room It is found nowadays that many of the younger ones like to play virtual games. I will be able to give them free training on epic Pay and virtual currencies after their game session Also, in my establishment and around me, I will be able to talk about the epic pay association and give testimonials To achieve this, I will need help. At the moment I am selling online and I have phones at home. I work in collaboration with a friend who is already in the sector. +I will need a shop. The average rent in Cotonou is $55 + Increase my stocks. At the moment I stock around $2000 or a little more depending on the order + Pay for game stations and PlayStations + pay other device types for games degree+ pay an office for the shop + do paperwork to be able to ensure the legality of what I'm doing + pay promoters for clientele With my current budget, and my efforts, an aid of approximately $3500 will help me a little more to be able to fulfill my passion while waiting for my pharmacy .



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