Mark Edichiny



Outdoor advertising of the EpicCash and EpicPayWallet project.

Why are we asking for funding?

The purpose of my idea is to advertise the EpicCash project to the masses by installing advertising on a personal car (logo, QR codes and links to the epiccash website and epic pay wallet) used daily in everyday life in the city of millionika! Only here you will not have to pay advertising agencies, rent billboards, etc. you only need help in paying for high-quality material for manufacturing and payment for work on professional car pasting!

Appropriate materials that do not damage the paintwork of the car will be used for pasting the car! It will be pasted over:
- hood with a large logo measuring 70 by 80 cm

- left and right sides of the car,logo and website link epiccash.com size 40 by 80 cm

- pasting the back of the car with a link to epiccash.com size 7 by 60 cm

- Pasting of the rear windshield, QR code on EPW

The cost of the material and manufacture of these stickers for 1 car is $ 160

The cost of work on pasting on 1 car is $ 140

Total 1 car = 300$

Total 3 car = 900$

At the moment, funds are needed for stickers of 3 cars

Thanks all.

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